the b&b: everything at walking distance

My Bed & Breakfast is located at hardly

  • 10 minutes walking distance from the pittoresque ‘Wijkse’ CITY CENTRE & its many hotspots;
  •  2 minutes walking distance from the busstop to UTRECHT.

enjoying the ‘Wijkse world’ ?


  • Having a drink?
  • Grabbing a bite or dining extensively?
  • Shopping in lovely boutiques?
  • Strolling in the historical city centre, along the harbour, in the Castle Park?
Have you planned an  

evening out or a party?


  • Are you going to a film, a theatrical performance or a (blues) music-show?
  • Are you invited to a wedding or other party?
  • Are you attending one of the (annual) events?


Shopping Centre ‘De Heul’

is only a few steps away.

Here you will find

  • the JUMBO supermarket (08.00 – 20.00 o’clock)
  • Ton’s Flowershop
  • Liquor store Van der Linden
  • Chinese restaurant Lucky House
  • Snackbar/cafetaria De Heul
  • Baker Lakerman

So in case you have forgotten something, or need a small present? No problem!

wijk bij duurstede: perfect for multiple purposes

From time immemorial, Wijk bij Duurstede has been located along

many routes.

IN THE PAST,  ‘Dorestad’ was THE international trading town.

NOWADAYS, Wijk bij Duurstede is

THE renowned

stopping place


  • bikers following the international Rhineroute, the LF-17,  the Limes-route and ‘the 24-hours of nature’;
  • walkers following the ‘clogs paths’, the Limes-route and the Santiago-de-Compostella route;
  • pleasure-cruisers navigating on the Rhine and Lek rivers;
  • art and nature lovers;
  • and other bon vivants.

THE perfect



  • visiting Utrecht: here free parking, there shopping, sightseeing happy-go-lucky. You don’t have to bother about the (parking) time. The bus drives every 10-15 minutes.
  • a national or regional biking route along e.g. the ‘Langbroekerwetering’, the ‘Oude Kromme Rijn’.
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